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Counseling Services

Job 12:13 “To God belong wisdom and power; counsel and understanding are His.”
Marriage & Family
Is your marriage suffering from problems with communication, unfaithfulness, parenting issues, finances, sexual issues, unforgiveness? Or does your marriage just need a check-up to keep it on the right track? We can help; give us a call today.
Depression, anxiety, anger, grief, abortion—-Whether it’s a long running problem or an immediate crisis, there is hope through understanding and applying biblical principles to life’s problems. Call us today for help.
Drug or alcohol addictions, pornography, eating disorders, sexual addictions: if you struggle with issues like these, let us help. Call today
Pre Marriage Course
Marriage is a huge decision with lifelong consequences that can be good or bad. Preparing now can make all the difference. This 10 hour course is based on a clear biblical understanding of God’s design for marriage. Topics that are covered include faithful communication, faith, family issues, finances, and the physical. Also included is the Arno Temperament Profile that identifies an individual’s inborn, God-given temperament and helps us understand why we do what we do.
Teens & Children
Today’s teens and children face many challenges whether it be from conflicts with parents, divorce of parents, blended family issues, self- acceptance, bullying, cutting to name a few. We strive to bring understanding and unity to the whole family when working with your teen or child.

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FREEDOM…That is the first word that comes to mind regarding my Biblical counseling sessions with Dr. Steve Ellis.

I went to him because of serious relationship problems in my marriage.  At the time my husband and I were separated and he would not consent to counseling.   After patiently listening to my story, one of the first things Dr. Ellis did was to give me the Arno Temperament Profile, which revealed my temperament – the way God created me as a unique individual.  I was a little afraid to hear the results of this “profiling”, but when Dr. Ellis  went over them with me, I was so relieved.  This information was truth and it was powerful – a lot of my confusion was eliminated.

I can honestly say that Dr. Ellis has a clear and obvious God-given gift of spiritual teaching and counseling.  He never failed to show compassion, and yet because of his spiritual insight, was able to show me the things I should and could change about myself that would lead me into a closer walk with Christ, and give me peace even though the future was unknown.

With further counseling sessions with Dr. Ellis and his wife, Brenda, and with much prayer and seeking God’s guidance, a reconciliation and a much more honest relationship with my husband was achieved.

As a special gift from God, I also have the love and friendship of Steve and Brenda Ellis that I will forever cherish.

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